Promoções atuais da B&H

B&H é uma super loja em Nova Iorque, com imensa seleção de eletrônicos, equipamentos de fotografia e vídeo e uma escolha de centenas de marcas, incluindo Apple, Samsung, Canon, Nikon e muitas outras. Estas são promoções atuais da B&H. Restrições se aplicam.

Você também pode receber um presente com a compra. Saiba mais e baixe um cupom.

Tokina Cinema Specials
Unique Offer on the Vista One Series
Exclusive Deals for RED Komodo Owners
The Studio-B&H and Tokina are partnering to bring incredible deals to the filmmaking community
If you have purchased a RED Komodo from B&H, you are invited to take advantage of incredibly low prices on the following lenses:

Tokina Cinema 11-20mm – contact us for special price
Tokina Cinema 50-135mm – contact us for special price
Tokina Cinema 100mm Macro – contact us for special price

In addition, for a limited time only you can purchase any Tokina Vista One and receive a standard Tokina Vista Prime front element at no additional charge. If you are familiar with replacing lens elements, this will give you two primes for the price of one.

Please visit us at or contact us at: to talk to one of our professional sales consultants about this unique offer. This won’t last, so get in touch with us today.

Studio Technology Center: 420 9th Avenue, New York, NY 10001
Building on B&H’s long history of superior service, The Studio is a unique solution-based environment dedicated to all professional market segments. For more than 17 years, B&H has been providing video solutions to major film studios, TV networks, production companies, post-production facilities, and VFX houses across the country.
A revolutionary center created to provide a hands-on experience for high-end professionals. The Technology Center is a fully operational studio with an extensive display of high-end products and state-of-the-art workflows. A highly skilled team of applications specialists, sales engineers, project managers, and account representatives, all assembled to create a formidable group of individuals; most of them active members of the professional community.
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